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Common Questions

1. Can anyone participate?

Yes! Young or old, fast or slow – we encourage participants of all ages and abilities as long as you are medically able and prepared.

2. Can I walk? Do I have to complete the entire distance in one go?

We call the event a run, but walkers are most certainly welcome. If you can’t achieve your distance in one go, then simply add the times taken to do your partial distances together and submit that. We’re all about giving you a reason to set goals while raising money for a great cause that will change lives for generations to come – both yours and those we help out of poverty.

3. How do I track my distance and time my run?

We accept results on the “honour system” so you track your distance and time any way you like. The most accurate way is using a GPS running watch, or there are many free mobile phone apps available on both Android and Apple systems.

4. Can I run/walk with friends? Can I get others to run/walk with me?

Sure can! Naturally if they wish to upload their times they will need to enter, see FAQ 14 for group discounts. If you have entered as an individual and would like to get others who have also entered to run/walk with you, go to the Run for Hope facebook page here and use #Runforhopetogether so others can see it and respond. As this is beyond our control neither Run for HOPE as organiser nor HOPENZ are responsible for any aspect of organising or who participates or not in such a group.

5. Where do I upload my results?

  1. You can log in here and upload your results as soon as you have run your race. You can also upload a photo of you in action or even a screenshot of your fitness app run/walk time.

Race Packs

6. What’s in a race Pack?

For the wristband category – the pack includes a race bib (can be downloaded after purchase) and a printed silicone wristband.

For the medal category – the pack includes a race bib (can be downloaded after purchase) and a unique medal for each race with distance specified ribbon, mailed after registration.

The medal and wristband category includes both of the above – a wristband and a medal.

7. Do I have to upload my results in order to get my wristband or medal?

No. We mail out wristbands or medals at the time of registration.

8. Do you ship wristbands or medals internationally?

Yes! There is an international shipping fee of $10.00. Which is automatically added at the checkout to any orders being delivered all countries other than New Zealand. This does not include tracking nor guarantee delivery so please ensure you include the full delivery address when registering.

9. Are the medals for each event the same?

For each event e.g. The Bucket Run – the medal is the same but the ribbon for each distance is different. For different events the medal is different.

10. Do I get a race bib?

Yes. Our unique bib can be downloaded after purchase for you to then print off. We suggest putting it into a zip lock bag to keep it weather proof. It is not required to complete your run.


11. How do I register multiple people?

You simply add as many of each type of race to the cart and checkout. See FAQ 13 and 14 for details about group discounts. As the group purchaser, it will be up to you to log in and post race results for all people you have purchased the race for if they wish for their results to be posted on the website.

12. Are there hidden fees?

Domestically no. We don’t tack on added fees or handling charges. There is a set $10.00 postal charge for all international entries however.


13. We are a school and want to have a minimum of 30 children is there a bulk entry fee?

Yes. Email us at [email protected] and we can provide a unique coupon code. Just tell us how many children will participate.


14. Who are HOPENZ Charitable Trust?

Run for Hope’s aim is to raise funds for HOPENZ Charitable Trust, a registered Charity in New Zealand, whose Charities Commission number is CC24326. The vision of HOPENZ is to transform the lives of the poor, creating sustainable communities where people want to live, and where they can have access to healthy water, enough good food, education, and embrace an environmental responsibility to allow them to sustainably and continually improve their quality of life. HOPENZ’s development programme focuses on clean drinking water, sustainable agriculture, income development and education and training. These programmes have been proven over 35 years to move those in desperate need to a new life that has hope and a sustainable future with regular income, education and improved health. See more at HOPENZ

16. Is my registration fee tax deductible?

If you pay tax in New Zealand yes, it is. Keep the receipt that is emailed to you when your credit card payment is accepted.

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